but in reality for experienced sportsmen and beginners. We are building the largest ski jump in Kazakhstan, and we will fly!
Flights are not in a dream,
No registration or two-factor authentication (Entirely free and without registration)!

All ski predators that reach the Jungle can bite off their piece of prey.
Jam Cash for Tricks
Speed up!
Slalom with counterslopes, jumps and pumps – it is short, fast and exciting as life itself. We bring 6 people at a time, the first three moves on, the second skis to rest.

The fastest one wins. Skiers and snowboarders are very welcome.
The main debut of last year. A show that has no equal. Technique versus style, experience versus fearlessness; what the eyes fear, but the rider does beautifully — The Battle!
The ski battle of the strongest sportsmen from Austria, France, Russia, Georgia, Switzerland, Poland and Kazakhstan, the riders of the Gorilla Pro Team and the winners of the past Jungle.